380 X 300MM TABLE,

80 – 1250RPM,




The Z5045 drilling/tapping machine is a versatile tool commonly used in workshops and manufacturing facilities for drilling and tapping operations. This machine combines the functionalities of a drilling machine and a tapping machine into one unit, allowing users to perform both drilling and tapping tasks efficiently.

Here’s a breakdown of the typical features and capabilities of a Z5045 drilling/tapping machine:

  1. Drilling: Like a standard drilling machine, the Z5045 can perform drilling operations on various materials. It features a vertical column that holds the drill head, that is adjustable up and down to accommodate different workpiece heights.
  2. Tapping: Tapping is the process of creating internal threads in a hole. The Z5045 drilling/tapping machine is equipped with features specifically designed for tapping operations. This includes a reversible spindle that can rotate in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions to accommodate both right-hand and left-hand tapping operations. It may also have features such as automatic depth control and tapping cycle control to ensure accurate and efficient tapping.
  3. Versatility: One of the key advantages of a machine like the Z5045 is its versatility. Combining drilling and tapping functions into one unit, it saves space in the workshop and allows users to switch between drilling and tapping operations quickly and easily.
  4. Precision and Control: These machines often come with features to enhance precision and control during drilling and tapping operations. This may include depth stops for controlling drilling depth, adjustable spindle speeds for different materials, and precise feed controls for tapping.

Overall, the Z5045 drilling/tapping machine is a valuable tool for workshops and manufacturing facilities, offering the flexibility to perform both drilling and tapping operations with precision and efficiency.