1 x 15mm 1/2″ Drive Ampro 6 point socket – R15

SKU – 1/2D15-6P

3 x 18mm 1/2″ Drive Amco 12 point socket – R30

SKU – 1/2D18-12P

2 x 23mm 1/2″ Drive Ampro 12 point socket – R30

SKU – 1/2D23AMP-12P

1 x 23mm 1/2″ Drive Amco 12 point socket – R30

SKU – 1/2D23AMC-12P

1 x 24mm 1/2″ Drive Amco 12 point socket – R30

SKU – 1/2D24-12P

1 x 27mm 1/2″ Drive Ampro 12 point socket – R30

SKU – 1/2D27-12P

1 x 32mm 1/2″ Drive Amco 12 point socket – R30

SKU – 1/2D32-12P



Sockets are tools used in conjunction with wrenches or ratchets to turn fasteners, such as nuts and bolts. They come in various sizes and types to fit different fastener heads and are essential in many mechanical and construction applications. Here is an overview of sockets, including their types, uses, and key features.

Key Features of Sockets

  1. Drive Size: The drive size refers to the size of the square opening where the socket attaches to the wrench or ratchet. Common drive sizes include 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1 inch. The choice of drive size depends on the application and the torque required.
  2. Socket Size: The socket size is the measurement of the opening that fits over the fastener. Sizes are typically measured in metric (millimeters) or imperial (inches) units.
  3. Point Configuration: Sockets can have different point configurations to fit various fastener heads:
    • 6-Point: Provides a strong grip on hexagonal fasteners, reducing the chance of rounding.
    • 12-Point: Allows for more positioning angles, useful in tight spaces.
    • 8-Point: Designed for square fasteners.
    • Spline: Fits multiple types of fasteners, including hex, square, and torx.
  4. Length: Sockets come in different lengths:
    • Standard: Regular length for general use.
    • Deep: Extended length to reach recessed fasteners.
  5. Material: Sockets are usually made from high-strength materials such as chrome vanadium steel or chrome molybdenum to withstand high torque and provide durability.

Types of Sockets

  1. Standard Sockets: General-purpose sockets used for most applications involving hexagonal fasteners.
  2. Impact Sockets: Made from tougher materials and designed for use with impact wrenches. They are typically black to distinguish them from standard sockets.
  3. Spark Plug Sockets: Specially designed with a rubber insert to hold and protect spark plugs during installation or removal.
  4. Universal (Swivel) Sockets: These have a joint that allows the socket to pivot, making it easier to access fasteners at awkward angles.
  5. Pass-Through Sockets: Feature a hollow design that allows the socket and ratchet to pass over a long threaded rod, useful for tightening nuts on long bolts.
  6. Hex Bit Sockets: Combine a hex bit with a socket for driving screws and bolts with hex heads.
  7. Torx Sockets: Designed specifically for Torx head fasteners, which are commonly found in automotive and electronics applications.


  • Automotive Repair: Sockets are indispensable in vehicle maintenance and repair, used for tasks ranging from changing tires to engine work.
  • Construction: Used in building structures, assembling scaffolding, and installing equipment.
  • Industrial Maintenance: Essential for machinery maintenance and assembly in industrial settings.
  • Home Improvement: Useful for DIY projects, furniture assembly, and household repairs.


  • Versatility: Sockets can be used with various types of fasteners and in numerous applications.
  • Efficiency: They allow for quick fastening and unfastening, especially when used with ratchets or power tools.
  • Precision: Provide a snug fit on fasteners, reducing the risk of slipping and damaging the fastener or the tool.

Maintenance and Care

  • Regular Cleaning: Keep sockets clean to ensure a good fit on fasteners and prevent rust.
  • Proper Storage: Store sockets in a designated case or holder to keep them organized and protected.
  • Inspection: Regularly inspect sockets for wear or damage, especially impact sockets, which endure high stress.

In summary, sockets are essential tools in any toolkit, providing versatility and efficiency in various mechanical and construction tasks. Choosing the right type and size of socket for the job is crucial for effective and safe operation.