Tos Hostivar BPH 320A Surface Grinder – R75 000 ex vat

1m Travel, Electromagnetic Chuck: 1000mm x 300mm,

Maximum Workpiece height: 350 mm,

Auto feed on the x-axis,


Dimensions L x W x H: 4100 x 1750 x 2125 mm,

Machine weight: 3200 kg,



























The TOS Hostivar BPH 320A Surface Grinder is a precision grinding machine manufactured by TOS Hostivar, a Czech company specializing in the production of machine tools. Here’s a breakdown of the key components of the name and what they signify:

  1. TOS Hostivar: This refers to the manufacturer of the surface grinder. TOS Hostivar is a well-known brand in the field of machine tools, particularly for cylindrical and also surface grinding machines. The company has a long history and is famous for its quality and precision engineering.
  2. BPH 320A: This part of the name likely denotes specific characteristics of the surface grinder:
    • BPH: This is the model designation or series of the surface grinder. Different models or series may have variations in specifications, features, and capabilities.
    • 320A: This could indicate the size or capacity of the grinding machine. In this case, “320” might refer to the maximum grinding length or width, and “A” might signify a specific variant or configuration within the BPH series.
  3. Surface Grinder: This indicates the type of machine. Surface grinders are used for precision grinding of flat surfaces on workpieces. They utilize a grinding wheel to remove material from the surface of the workpiece to achieve the desired dimensions, finish, and geometric accuracy.

The TOS Hostivar BPH 320A Surface Grinder is likely used in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, and tooling, along with general manufacturing for applications requiring high-precision surface finishing and shaping of metal or other materials.


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