About ToolSave




After 5 years, Tool Save with Something Old, Something New have been taken-over into the Otmar Machine Tools’ fold at the new building in 5 Basalt Street, Alrode, Gauteng, South Africa with over 50 Golden years in the engineering industry. The combined long standing history, experience and resources promise more comprehensive services to our extended client base. With three generations in house, the fourth in training, we have almost all the solutions. Otherwise we CAN always Google or ask our wives.

Old & New School Machines and Tools with real experience available with the latest Technology on Tap over a Cuppa something is a FUN way to provide REAL solutions to your engineering/DIY challenges. We might have that special Tool that you need on hand to get your job done/out or give a new lease of life to your old equipment. We WILL help, might be able to advise or find it for you at a reasonable price and/or manufacture/repair it for you.

SAVE on TOOLS Drills, Sockets & Sleeves, Reamers, Counter-Sinks/Bores, Cutters–Bore/Shank, Threading-Taps/Dies, Cutting-Lathe/Milling/Toolbits, Collets, Broaches, Measuring, Gauges; Lathe/Milling Machine Spares/Equipment/Chucks/Jaws/Holders/Rotary-Tables/Boring-Bars/Arbors/Spindels, Welding/Cutting, etc.

We’re having fun BUYING, SELLING, REPAIRING machines/tools and building long lasting friendships.

That’s what we love to do!!! Talk to us, we’re here to help and support YOU getting the JOB DONE!


POP IN, we’re buying!