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Old & New School Machines and Tools with real experience available with the latest Technology on Tap over a Cuppa something is a FUN way to provide REAL solutions to your engineering/DIY challenges. We might have that special Tool that you need on hand to get your job done/out or give a new lease of life to your old equipment. We WILL help, might be able to advise or find it for you at a reasonable price and/or manufacture/repair it for you.

SAVE on TOOLS Drills, Sockets & Sleeves, Reamers, Counter-Sinks/Bores, Cutters–Bore/Shank, Threading-Taps/Dies, Cutting-Lathe/Milling/Toolbits, Collets, Broaches, Measuring, Gauges; Lathe/Milling Machine Spares/Equipment/Chucks/Jaws/Holders/Rotary-Tables/Boring-Bars/Arbors/Spindels, Welding/Cutting, etc.